The beginning.

A one hour onsite consultation is popular for those wanting some form of garden advice. It could be suggestions for a new garden or advice on an existing garden. The consultation can include sketches and notes for later reference.

The consultation can be a precursor to a design and/or implementation, and if so will be incorporated into the ongoing cost.

We also offer one off, or regular site visits to advise on garden development.


The following steps outline the process involved.

The design process begins with a client survey to determine your wants and needs. A site survey will reveal the existing positive and problem areas of your property. This information combined with our expertise, forms the basis of an innovative, aesthetic and functional design that is uniquely yours. Kai Gardens will incorporate your ideas with our knowledge to design a garden that not only looks amazing, but will also work successfully for you and your lifestyle.

Designs offered include:

Concept Plan only This plan is ideal for the keen gardener who wishes to implement their own landscaping, but needs some guidance with plant selection and location. The plan will show existing and proposed locations of all structures and elements in the design, and includes general planting suggestions.

Detailed Design The detailed design will specify location, names and quantities of all plants and materials required for your landscaping project and can include construction plans for garden preparation, compost heaps, pathways, structures etc.

Overview of the Design Process

  1. The first call will discuss the client’s landscape wishes and budget, and how we can help.
  2. An initial onsite meeting (up to 1 hour, unless agreed longer beforehand) will be scheduled with clients to clarify the brief by expanding on wishes, viewing the site together, and agreeing on recommended options.

A deposit will be required, and while on site we can continue with a site analysis which includes all the background work –  measuring the site to be designed, checking for soil improvements required, drainage issues, wind and sun perameters, privacy wanted, good views, noise control, functions, traffic flow, access, local resources, consents required…everything relevant to that job.

  1. We will go away and draw up a draft plan. This will be drawn up as a concept plan including existing and proposed locations of all structures and elements in the design, and most plants.
  2. A meeting is scheduled to go over the plan and to get client feedback. Any modifications can be made at this time so we can finalise the plan.
  3. Once we draw up the final plan, we’ll schedule a final meeting to present the plan.

Balance of payment due.


Installing the design.

We can quote to source and install quality plants, materials, any other elements and specialists needed to complete your landscape project as per the design. The advantage of us doing this is we know the vision and we can tweak the implementation to enhance the final effect.  We pride ourselves on making our clients happy – this means regular communication, scheduling to minimise disruptions, and always leaving the site as tidy as possible.

As with all projects preparation is the key. We deal with the ground. Ideally given plenty of notice, we can start improving the soil over time before any planting begins. This will pay off in the long term, especially in Auckland clay.


Keeping it looking good.

Gardens will keep growing! We are garden maintenance specialists and know how to get the best results with minimum effort. This results in value for our clients – both residential and commercial.

Our experience includes setting up maintenance systems for large gardens, small gardens, historic gardens, public gardens, residential gardens, commercial landscapes – large and small. No two gardens are the same.

We can tailor a garden management package to include everything the garden needs to look and perform its best, as well as offering proactive suggestions to keep the garden evolving over the years.