Organic Solutions

While implementing and maintaining landscape gardens in Sydney, Karen realized with good preparation minimal chemical control was required to keep those gardens looking good. It went one step further when Karen studied Permaculture. A garden can be designed to look good, be sustainable, productive and organic, just by placing the right elements in the right location. A bit like putting a jig saw together.

This design concept can be used to any degree a client wants on a property – from a citrus tree included in a tropical design to a fully self-sufficient life style property. We use our experience to know what will work where.

Working at Government house provided an opportunity to create sustainable systems. For example garden waste was recycled on the property as mulch, fire wood or compost. The mulch reduced weed and water requirements, the compost fed the perennial and annual beds…it was a win win situation.

We often find two partners have conflicting ideas when we meet to discuss their design. No problem – we listen to both ideas and combine those with our recommendations to create a unique design that will work.

You give us a problem – we’ll create a solution.

Edible Gardens

Kai Gardens like to incorporate edible plants into the garden but we also believe successful gardens are all about food:

A good looking garden pleases the senses, makes us feel joy and feeds the soul.

Producing and eating our own fresh organic produce feeds the body, and it’s good to know where and how it’s been grown. Creating a low maintenance and successful garden to live in will feed the mind.

Setting up simple systems to recycle leftovers and excess back into the garden will feed the garden.

Once again, this design concept can be implemented to any degree – from a potted garden on a balcony eg a fig tree with lettuce and herbs under, to a food forest with a herbal ley under, right up to a fully sustainable property.

Sustainable and Organic Solutions are designed to:

  • Save energy, by locating functional elements in your garden in the most convenient and logical locations
  • Save money, by growing and recycling your own fertilisers, compost and mulch. We can source alternative local resources.
  • Save time, by preparing your gardens for long-term low maintenance results.
  • Save your health, by using organic options and incorporating kai (food) plants into your design.
  • Save your mind, by organizing the property to work both aesthetically and functionally.

Sustainability is achieved by supplying and locating everything your garden needs, to recycle within the garden, with minimal input from you ie minimum input for maximum output.

Organic status is simplified by locating compatible plants in improved fertile, mulched soil, which reduces the need to control weeds, pests, diseases, or to add any other external or chemical materials.

Best of all, with these solutions, the results will continue to improve as the garden develops and creates its own ecosystem.