Terms of Trade

  • Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of quotation unless dated otherwise on quote.
  • Kai Gardens and its team undertake to communicate clearly and regularly with you about the progress of your work – before starting, during and after completion.
  • No work will be undertaken until your written acceptance is received.
  • Acceptance of this quote and our Terms of Trade (attached to quote) is by signing and returning the quote, emailing your acceptance or supplying a purchase order.
  • The deposit (as specified on the quote) is required before work will commence.
  • Balance of quote is due immediately upon completion of quoted work.
  • Invoices are due within 7 days of invoice date.
  • Payment is by electronic transfer, cheque or cash only. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Costs identified as PC Sums (provisional cost sums) are estimates only.
  • They are not fixed prices and are related to underground work (drains, excavations, foundations, ground works). We are unable to provide fixed quotes for this work as we cannot determine the presence of underground services, drainage, rubble, rock or pan clay until the work begins. We shall always communicate promptly with you if we strike issues or believe the PC sum may be exceeded.
  • Additional work requested (which is not included in the quote) will be undertaken on a charge-up basis at rates prevailing at the time of work. To avoid any confusion, we shall ask you to sign and date a contract variation note for each variation. This may be a note in a diary or on a piece of paper – signed and dated by the client.
  • All materials are subject to availability at the time of acceptance of the quote. Availability of some plants may be seasonal.
  • The client agrees to pay all fees, interest (bank overdraft rate + 2%) and debt collection costs incurred by Kai Gardens in recovery of any invoice remaining unpaid 7 days after invoice date (due date).

Health and Safety

  • Kai Gardens and its team will work in a safe manner.
  • We shall always leave your property in a safe and tidy state at the end of each day.
  • If Kai Gardens and/or its team are undertaking groundworks or structural changes, please treat the site as a hazardous area. Please advise your family / children, visitors and pets to stay out of the worksite at all times until the work is completed and the site is handed back to you.