Micro greens

In between the stormy rain & winds, we are getting a hint of spring. The urge to plant is growing. This is a still a good time to plant established plants – you won’t have to water while the roots are getting established before summer. In the vege garden it’s still a bit cool to be planting seed directly in your garden, but you can start growing seed outside in punnets in Auckland to get a head start for your vegetable production. For those wanting a really fast result, try growing some micro greens. You’ll need punnets (I use old plastic take away containers with drainage holes punched in base), almost fill with seed raising mix, cover generously with seed of your choice, cover seed with seed raising mix (only just cover – not too deep), ideally water from underneath so you don’t disturb seed (I use the take away lids as saucers). Keep saucer water topped up and watch them grow! This photo was taken one week after sowing. You can see the rambo Radish grew fastest & is ready to eat. The tasty tendrils Peas & bulls blood Beetroot in the photo will take another week or two. When finished, start again for an ongoing handy supply of fresh greens. You can buy seed in bulk to grow micro greens from various outlets eg http://www.kingsseeds.co.nz/shop/Microgreens.html